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We are a new digital media unit who inform you about various Lucknow events like Theater, Seminar, Yoga, Auditions, Sports, parties happening in Lucknow via Whatsapp, SMS & emails.


Around 2-25 events happen in Lucknow everyday. These events are listed on the Lucknow Event Friends app available on Play Store. You can download the app and sign up. A few events pictures, video, write up is posted on the Facebook – Lucknow Event Friends page ( Event review post links are then shared via Whatsapp messages from 9936103118.


  1. Started as a Whatsapp group on 16 February 2016 to share information mainly about Lucknow theater events.
  2. Later started posting about music, cultural fests, seminars, exhibitions, college fests, Yoga, Sports, basically all city events.
  3. To avoid random messaging as seen in the Whatsapp group and to protect number privacy, the LEF Whatsapp group was dissolved on and event info sent individually via Whatsapp broadcast list since 24 July 17.
  4. To allow a clear, timely presentation of event information and allowing sync with the calendar a mobile app is in operation since 11 February 18
  5. We are currently associated with various event organizing bodies like –
  • LMA – Lucknow Management Association
  • IEI – Institution of Engineers, Lucknow
  • IIA – Indian Industries Association
  • ASSOCHAM – Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry –
  • AKWL – Association of Knowledge Workers, Lucknow
  • CGES – Center for Clean & Green Energy Society
  • ISTD – Indian School for Training & Development
  • AIPC – All India Professional Congress

Occasionally we also get event invites from other bodies like CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), Ph.D. (Progress Harmony Development), TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), ROTARY Club, BNI – Business Network International

Pre-event information is shared via app / Whatsapp & Post event reviews shared on Facebook


  1. On average 2-25 events happen in Lucknow daily but most people are not aware of them, so we offer event information services.

  2. Even if you are aware of the events you may not be able to find the time to participate in each of the events. People from our group who visit the events share pictures, videos and write about the atmosphere.

  3. Traditional media like newspapers, radio, and even ticket booking sites usually inform only about big city events that have a good advertising budget or involve ticket sales. Most of the small free entry events like theater do not have an advertising budget and since no ticket sales involved so no revenue for the ticket selling company and thus mostly go unnoticed with the only word of mouth publicity and some posters. We keep you posted even about such events not advertised on traditional media.

  4. Newspapers, Radio services offer mostly one-way communication. For example, if you wish to know where exactly the event venue is, we can send you the location via Whatsapp Google Maps.

  5. Newspapers offer coverage only to big events where they are especially invited. Mostly the press reporters just click a few pictures and present a formal note on what was given to them in the press release. We reach events even without the invitation and post you real-life pictures, videos and even if the show was backwash we are a semi-formal structure so have the liberty to write about it.

  6. Outdoor hoardings get covered easily via our group. For example, if a city mandir has organized a bhajan kirtan program OR a hospital is offering a free check-up camp and put a hoarding somewhere if someone from our Lucknow event friends network notices it, he clicks a picture a share’s it on the group. This informs many more people about the event who do not live in that area or did not notice the hoarding. It also saves money for the event organizer as now they don’t have to put up hoardings at multiple locations.

  7. In case you are a foreigner or new to the city, we could help you connect with more people in Lucknow by informing you about various city events.

  8. Initially, we used to go to Lucknow events at the individual level and post about it on Facebook because we felt more people should know about it. Then started a WhatsApp group, Facebook group, a website and now there is also a demand for event reminder services and an app.

  9. Recently there was a belly dance performance by a foreign dancer at a local club. The entry to the show cost Rs 2,500. Some people may find this ticket pricing expensive so they can get connected to us via Whatsapp and enjoy pictures and video clips of the dance show.

  10. MB Club, established in 1899 has membership costing Rs 2 lakh and even then there are long waiting lists. So even if you cannot afford the membership or do not have the time to visit the event you can stay connected with us over Whatsapp and keep informed.

  11. Even if your friend is visiting a theater/seminar they usually post only some random pictures. If watching theater we share dance clips, DOD – dialogue of the day, press release, and write a brief on the story. If participating in a seminar we make digital notes and share them on Whatsapp / Facebook. To prevent clogging your phone memory large files are usually shared via a Facebook group – LUCKNOW EVENT FRIENDS – CINE PROJECTORS

  12. Some people are not interested in other people’s events and want to use the network to advertise about themselves and post about their events only. We are OK with it. Feel free to advertise, offer your skills but via EVENTS only, and do not post more than once a day. Event promotions should ideally begin a week in advance.

  13. Some people have complained there is too much information being posted on this event group. We usually post around 8 am and then at night around 8 pm and avoid posting late at night. However, you may wish to mute this group notification to avoid getting disturbed.

  14. People have expressed concern over privacy issues over WhatsApp as their numbers get exposed on the group. Last year of operations so far we have not received any privacy-related complaints. Also, we are in talks with Whatsapp to hide group numbers to protect the privacy and prevent number stealing.

  15. If you need help with PR for your event, just allow us to present the LEF standee at your event and we can offer assistance with posters, banners, event publicity. A kind of cross-promotions.

  16. Cost of event advertising via traditional newspaper, radio, outdoor advertising media is pretty high and even then response is usually poor. Whatsapp and social media advertising are cheap and also more personalized and effective.

  17. There are 7 FM, 2 MW & 2 SW radio stations operating in Lucknow. We have tie-ups with some of them to share audio clips of Lucknow event-related radio information with us so that people who do not listen to the radio or missed the radio advertisement can hear the radio jingle via Whatsapp.

  18. Lucknow event-related information is regularly scanned over the Internet, over Facebook, newspaper ads, hoardings, and shared on the network.

  19. Lucknow is the cultural hub of central India. More than 50 theater groups are active in the city. More than a dozen colleges organize various seminars, college fests. Art galleries like Lalit Kala, Kala Sort are active. In sports, we have KD Singh babu stadium, BBD Badminton academy, Dhyanchand Hockey stadium. Apart from dozens of hotels, recently 100’s of longue’s have come up and weekend disco parties are happening regularly. In theater, we have Bhartendu Natak Academy, Sangeet Natak Academy & Rai Umanath Bali auditorium n numerous others


The Lucknow Event Friends app is free to download and use for the first 1 month after which chargeable at Rs 99 per month or Rs 2/day OR Rs 749 per year OR Rs 4,999 lifetime payable via Paytm, Online banking, Cheque, or cash deposit. Post-event reviews are also shared for FREE over Facebook & Whatsapp.

We also charge for promoting events in advance.

Paytm Rs 750/ to 99-3610-3118 OR direct online banking

  1. IMPS / NEFT to –
    Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank Beneficiary Name: CINE PROJECTORS Account Type: Current Account number: 555011032985 IFSC: KKBK0005195 Location : 3 ShahNajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow 226001

  2. Most people do not wish to pay the Rs 750 as they want it free or say can manage information from other sources, so we developed a second Free – Lucknow Event Friends WhatsApp group where limited information is shared regarding city events.

  3. We can waive off the Rs 750 annual charges if you can make 10 city event info posts in a month.

  4. You can also get a Rs 750 waiver if you help us gain entry into your society by allowing us to place 10 banners, posters in your area at the colony gate, park, general merchant shops, post office, ATMs. Just give us the location, we will come and do the poster/banner installation. You just monitor the display remains active for a month and send us to picture reports and we waive off the Rs 750. If you are a college student just help us with 10 posters and get a waiver on the Rs 750.

  5. We do not trade customer data for marketing or any other purpose.

  6. We have been advised not to charge the Rs 750 annual membership fees for the group and rather earn via event advertisements or ticket sales. However by charging a small insignificant amount of money we want to filter out the nonserious, noninterested people.


You can download the Lucknow Event Friends app from Play Store & sign up. We ask for :

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Email
  • How did you hear about us

You can also join us on Whatsapp by sending the above details on 9936103118.

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